[American Whisky News] Kentucky Senator Bourbon Releases Second Small Batch

LEXINGTON, KY— Building on the success of its first release, Kentucky Senator Spirits, LLC is preparing a second Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey for release in June and July this year. The limited-edition, William J. DeBoe Release has been aged six years and is named in honor of Senator William J. DeBoe – a Kentucky native who served exactly six years in the U.S. Senate. This small batch Bourbon whiskey will be available at liquor stores, bars and restaurants throughout Kentucky, with single barrel private selections at Liquor Barn, Party Mart and DEP’s retail outlets. The William J. DeBoe Release will also be available online at www.BourbonOutfitter.com and will be featured at Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Washington, D.C. 

With approximately 1,300 bottles, this very small batch whiskey is 107 proof with a mash bill of 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% malted barley. Like the first release, this Bourbon whiskey has been distilled and aged in Kentucky, bottled at Bluegrass Distillers in Lexington and will be distributed by Kentucky Eagle Wine and Spirits. MSRP is $109 per bottle. 

 “It’s been a real pleasure to see our first release enjoyed by so many enthusiasts in the Bourbon community,” said co-manager Damon Thayer. “We are excited to build on that success and debut our second, small batch this summer. As always, we continue our commitment to the finest Kentucky Bourbon whiskey and hope consumers enjoy the history that accompanies each bottle.” 

“Only four months after our first batch and here we are sending our second release to market,” said co-manager Andre Regard. “What an honor this has been, to support Kentucky’s home spirit and connect with our fellow Bourbon aficionados. Kentucky Senator will keep working to deliver superior taste and experience.”  

Kentucky Senator Bourbon’s second release is named for William J. DeBoe of Crittenden County, the very first Kentucky Republican to serve in the U.S. Senate. He completed one, six-year term from 1897 to 1903. William J. DeBoe was also a physician and lawyer, having attended medical school at the University of Louisville. To learn more about William J. DeBoe, visit the company website at www.KySenatorBourbon.com

About Kentucky Senator Bourbon: The vintage Kentucky Senator Straight Bourbon Whiskey was originally produced by one of the state’s leading distilling families, Crigler & Crigler, in Covington, and later by Double Springs Distillers, Inc. in Bardstown. Since 2019, this brand revival has been led by Andre Regard and Damon Thayer under Kentucky Senator Spirits, LLC. Kentucky Senator Bourbon is distinguished by its offering of great Bourbon whiskey with a side of Kentucky history. Each batch will carry the name of an esteemed U.S. Senator from the Bluegrass State. The Alben W. Barkley Release was the first Bourbon in Kentucky Senator’s portfolio, named for the U.S. Senator and Vice President under Harry S Truman. The second release is named for one-term Senator William J. DeBoe, the first Republican to represent Kentucky in the U.S. Senate. For more information, visit www.KySenatorBourbon.com

Reviews for Alben W. Barkley Release #1:  

Kentucky Senator 15 Year Bourbon Release # 1 is a fantastic whiskey and a bottle I’d recommend picking up should you have the opportunity! – WhiskeyConsensus.com 

Kentucky Senator’s inaugural release is a 15-year-old Kentucky bourbon that is like the best of our politicians – nicely balanced, straightforward, and to the point. – BreakingBourbon.com 

That color is absolutely gorgeous…it’s got a very active nose. This is a really delicious whiskey from a tasting perspective. – Fred Minnick, Forbes Contributor and best-selling whiskey author

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